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Today, your products and services can reach any part of the world thanks to the Internet. At Southern Cone Translations, we help you break down language barriers so you can break into new markets.

We are proud to be sponsors of the Chilean National Ice Hockey Team since 2021.

Our services include:

Document Translations

Fine-tuned by our experienced translators, who are experts in technical subjects and native in the target language. Together with accuracy, confidentiality is our top priority.

Legal Translations

Documents of all kinds for legal, personal, governmental, or regulatory purposes, such as: apostilles, certificates, contracts, diplomas, degrees, and letters, to name a few.

Interpreting Services

Remote or in-person interpreting by our professional interpreters, with the support of up-to-date technology.

Specialized Services

Document revision, website translation, and video transcription and subtitling.

We help you connect to markets where the following languages are spoken, and more!








If you want to reach a country or region that speaks a language not listed here, write us today and we will connect you with a foreign language expert that suits your needs.

We know that information is sensitive, so maintaining the confidentiality of your documents is our top priority.

Our operations are designed in compliance with the ISO 17100 requirements for translation services in order to guarantee the highest quality for your needs.

We carefully select the translators we work with so that we can establish long-term relationships with our clients that build upon our shared expertise and add increasing value over time.

About us

We are a language services provider specialized in document translation and conference interpreting in a number of languages. Our team of native language professionals are experts in a variety of technical areas and we use the most sophisticated computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools on the market to make sure none of your information is lost in translation. At Southern Cone Translations, we work devotedly to adhere to the highest standards of security, quality, and ethics to support the global needs of our clients.

Get to know our team

General Manager, Translator & Interpreter

Elizabeth Chivers
Translator and interpreter with a Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Master of Sciences in Parks and Conservation Management from Clemson University, a professional certificate in translation technologies and project management from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and a professional certificate in simultaneous interpreting from EATRI (American School of Translators and Interpreters of Chile). Member No. 325 in COTICH (Chilean Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association). Elizabeth also received her BA in History from Boston University. She is originally from the city of Pittsburgh but has been living in Latin America for almost two decades. Aside from her passion for learning new languages and cultures, Elizabeth is an avid sports fan and particularly loves playing and watching ice hockey.

Project Coordinator & Translator

Keith Carr
Translator of Spanish and Portuguese and Project Coordinator for Southern Cone Translations. Keith was born and raised in Cincinnati, in the U.S., and studied International Relations with a concentration on Latin America at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has also lived in Brazil, where he studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He came to Chile in 2019 to teach English at a rural school in Patagonia. In his free time, he translates literature.

Industries of expertise

We specialize in these industries


We work with academics in the arts and sciences to bring their research and publications to high-impact journals and reach global audiences.


Our special expertise in conservation and protected areas makes a natural partner for environmentalists, national parks, and a variety of NGOs.


We have proven experience with manuals, presentations, and other technical documents in the mining, agriculture, aquaculture, and livestock industries.


We work with law firms, law offices, and insurance companies, which has made us familiar with complex legal vocabulary in several languages.


We translate reports, financial statements, and presentations with accuracy and confidentiality for a variety of financial institutions.


Our experience includes documents dealing with energy and hydrocarbon exploration, installation, generation, transmission, engineering, and infrastructure.


We help increase the potential of your business to attract foreign visitors. We have special experience with ecotourism and environmental conservation.


Our team is trained to work on technical projects and use specialized terminology, and we pay special attention to numbering systems, dates, and units of measurement.

Marketing and Media

We have proven experience in advertising, journalism, and informational products. We adapt your messaging for a new audience, while maintaining your company’s culture.


We are honored to have worked with diverse brands, organizations, entrepreneurs, and scientists, helping them to take their work beyond the boundaries of language. This is what they have to say about our work:


In our blog, we share news about our company and the world of translations, as well as recommendations for you to take your business to new markets.

International Mother Language Day – Recognizing Linguistic Diversity 728 405 Keith Carr
International Mother Language Day – Recognizing Linguistic Diversity

Today is International Mother Language Day, an observance celebrated by the United Nations to support cultural diversity and multilingualism, values that are very important to us at Southern Cone Translations. The history of this holiday dates back to the British partition of India into India, Pakistan, and East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh. The new government of Pakistan declared Urdu to be the sole official language of both its territories, prompting backlash from the majority Bangla-speaking population in Bangladesh. On February 21, 1952, police opened fire on Bangladeshi demonstrations, killing five people and injuring hundreds. This day of mourning has been commemorated in Bangladesh since 1955. In 1999, the country proposed to the United Nations for this day to be…

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