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Bridging the Language Gap

Bridging the Language Gap

Bridging the Language Gap

Bridging the Language Gap 1920 1080 Elizabeth Chivers

On behalf of Southern Cone Translations, we would like to welcome you to a new chapter of our story.

The last two years have been tumultuous, but they have also brought tremendous opportunities for growth in our industry. The world is now more online and more connected than ever. Companies and individuals can meet with new clients and partners at any time, from anywhere. And yet these dizzying new possibilities come with a new challenge: How do we make our connections meaningful? Sure, it’s easy enough to contact anyone in the world, but how do we know if our message is truly being understood? This brave new world of ambition and progress can often feel like a Tower of Babel. Is the signal being lost in the noise?

As a boutique language services company, we believe that our role is to bridge the gaps in your communication. Markets are more globalized than ever, but they are far from seamless. Countless cultural, linguistic, and political expanses must still be crossed. As these economic and social links increase exponentially, quantity has exceeded quality.

Far too often, companies become reliant on a limited “Business English,” or worse, online machine translation services like Google Translate. These methods surely work to a certain degree, but at the risk of key information and nuances being lost in translation. In business, politics, and many other aspects of public life, the qualities of grace, subtlety, and the ability to convince people with the power of words is an all-important skill. Our greatest leaders are prized for their powers of persuasion, their way with words. For non-native speakers, these important qualities are hard to come by. That’s where Southern Cone Translations fills the gap, with native speakers who have a lifetime of speaking and writing experience in the target language.

Our translators and interpreters all have extensive experience living or working in foreign countries. Each of us straddles the gap between two worlds or more. Our interests range from politics to economics, from industry to literature, from tourism to localization, and more. We pride ourselves on excellent research skills and our ability to learn and adapt quickly to new information. We are mini-experts on a wide range of subjects, not because we know everything, but because we make the effort to find out and have the right tools for the job.

In light of the world’s new needs for language services, we have recently made some big changes. Our company was founded in 2016 as Quinn Traducciones in Santiago, Chile, and as of this year, we are continuing under a new name, Southern Cone Translations. This new name reflects our special expertise in the culture and dialects of the southernmost part of South America, including Chile, Argentina, and southern Brazil, which are the economic powerhouses of the continent. Simultaneously, we have opened a new office in the United States under the same name. This new office will help us expand our work in key markets and offer new payment options for our international clients.

The coming years are sure to bring more global connection, more diversity, and more opportunities for expansion. At Southern Cone Translations, we can help you bridge these gaps and come out ahead of the curve. We hope you will join us!